“A fun mystery with a likable main character and a lot of red herrings.”

-School Library Journal Review of Chase Against Time, August 2012

Awards for Chase Against Time

• Silver Medal, Moonbeam Children's Book Awards, Juvenile Mystery Category (October, 2012)

• Mom's Choice Award Winner (June, 2012)


The Chase Manning Mystery Series features single-day, real-time thrillers that occur on an elementary school campus. Written for readers 8-12 years of age by National Board Certified Teacher Steve Reifman, the series launched with the award-winning Chase Against Time, in which fifth grader Chase Manning must investigate the mysterious disappearance of the cello that the school plans to auction off to save its prestigious music program. Chase Against Time has enjoyed rave reviews from children, parents, and teachers. Young readers love the book’s fast-paced, action-packed format while parents and teachers appreciate the book’s kid-friendly tone and content. Chase is now back in the eagerly anticipated sequel, Chase for Home.


Chase Against Time (Release Date: March 15, 2012)

In a last-ditch effort to save Apple Valley Elementary's award-winning music program from looming budget cuts, the PTA plans to auction off a recently-donated, handcrafted cello at the school’s annual fund-raising dinner. Confidence is high—until the cello turns up missing the morning of the event. The school principal charges Chase Manning, a fifth grader who has dreamed of playing in the Sixth Grade Honors Orchestra his whole life, with finding the cello by three o'clock. Each hour of the school day involves surprising and suspense-filled plot turns as Chase pursues the elusive cello. This single-day, real-time mystery thriller truly is a Chase against time!

Chase For Home (Release Date: November 11, 2014

Riding high in the Spring of his 5th grade year, Chase Manning joins the Apple Valley baseball team, and his clutch hitting leads the squad to within two victories of the school’s first ever league championship. Confidence is high—until Chase’s lucky batting glove turns up missing the day of the semifinal game. Unsure whether the theft represents an attempt to derail the baseball team as a whole or a personal attack against him, Chase must track down the culprit and find the glove before the team boards the bus at three o’clock. Surprising and suspense-filled plot twists fill the pages of this single-day, real-time mystery thriller.

Chase Under Pressure (Release Date: April 26, 2015)

With huge prizes on the line at the state hamster race, the Apple Valley Elementary science club has been working overtime to prepare. Dash, the school’s little speedster, is in the best shape of her life, and confidence is high—until the hamster turns up missing the morning of the event. Fifth-grader Chase Manning must overcome an unsupportive principal, the visiting members of a rival school, and even his own teammates to identify the thief and find Dash before the competition begins. Expect the unexpected on the pages of this single-day, real-time mystery thriller.

Chase to the Finish (Expected Release Date: Late Summer, 2016)

The last day of the school year could also mark the end of Mrs. Kennedy’s 27-year teaching career, if she raises the rest of the money she needs to buy her Lake Eden dream house. When former student Brian Kelly gives her a $10,000 check early that morning, confidence is high—until the gift turns up missing hours before her deadline to make the down payment. Fifth-grader Chase Manning needs to work quickly to save the day for his favorite teacher. Suspense, drama, and excitement overflow from the pages of this single-day, real-time mystery thriller.