Chase on the Edge

 chase on the edge


The last day of high-tech summer camp could provide Chase Manning with his greatest triumph yet, if he and his partner Dave Morrison win the big app design contest. When one of the judges praises the duo’s project early that morning, confidence is high—until the only copy of their work turns up missing hours before the competition is set to begin. Unexpected visitors, old and new rivals, and unfamiliar surroundings make this an investigation unlike any other. Chase needs to work overtime to keep his dream alive on the pages of this single-day, real-time mystery thriller.

About the Chase Manning Mystery Series

Encyclopedia Brown and Jack Bauer have passed the torch to Chase Manning. The Chase Manning Mystery Series features single-day, real-time thrillers. Written for readers 8-12 years of age by National Board Certified Teacher Steve Reifman, the series launched with the award-winning Chase Against Time, in which fifth grader Chase Manning must investigate the mysterious disappearance of the cello that the school plans to auction off to save its prestigious music program. All five books in the series have enjoyed rave reviews from children, parents, and teachers. Young readers love the books' fast-paced, action-packed format while parents and teachers appreciate the kid-friendly tone and content. Chase is now back in the eagerly anticipated fifth installment, Chase on the Edge.

Note for Elementary School Teachers and Parents

The five installments of the Chase Manning Mystery Series are Level Q on the Fountas & Pinnell scale. All the books are ideally suited to be used as read alouds and mentor texts during Reading Workshop units on mystery and "edge-of-seat" fiction because they include numerous examples of end-of-chapter cliffhangers, red herrings, suspects, motives, and other important mystery elements. If you are interested in teaching children how to craft their own mysteries, check out Steve’s e-book, The Ultimate Mystery Writing Guide for Kids.


What Readers Are Saying

  • “Just when you think you have everything figured out, think again.” -Read Davis
  • “Attracts kids like a magnet.” -Derrick Lunsford
  • “Kept me guessing and on the edge of my seat.” -Alexis Fringer
  • “Grabs hold of you and doesn’t let go.” -Casey Fienberg
  • “Exciting and suspenseful. One of the best books I’ve ever read!” -Daniel Zortman
  • “This book will go down in history!” -Max Thibert
  • “Compelling characters and crucial plot changes make this mystery a true nail-biter.” -Torin Buhl
  • “An action-packed story with lots of twists and turns.” -Sophia Vukadinovich
  • “Very suspenseful!” -Eve Davidson
  • “A thrilling book!” -Anna Wren Vanden Bosch
  • “Intense and funny.” -Danielle Lopez

Book Talks & Book Signing Events

Steve has held many Book Talk and Book Signing Events at public libraries, elementary schools, and private homes since the release of Chase Against Time; During these 30-45 minute book talks, Steve describes the process of writing his mystery books, shares his original notes and outlines, encourages children to pursue their own writing projects, offers instructional strategies and suggestions, and concludes with a question and answer period. Steve is also available for classroom Skype or Zoom visits. To arrange an event, please e-mail Steve