This resource contains 17 indoor activities that elementary classroom teachers and physical education specialists can use on inclement weather days. While the kids are moving and having a great time, they are also learning important math, language arts, and science content. The specific movements that children perform are not random. Rather, the kids move in ways that represent, match, or embody the meaning of the content they are expected to learn.

The interest, excitement, and joy these activities offer help teachers turn indoor PE time into multi-modal experiences that kids will remember. The activities create situations in which children are focused and well-behaved, play with purpose, and learn enthusiastically. It also doesn’t hurt that most of the activities require little to no preparation.

These activities improve class morale, build self-esteem and enthusiasm for learning, and increase feelings of student “connectedness” to the class and to one another. This bonding effect is important. Many kids experience the happiness and satisfaction that come from being a valued member of a successful team—playing Little League baseball, performing in a youth orchestra, or acting in a school play. Our classrooms can provide the same kind of bonding experience.

Use Cross-Curricular Rainy Day PE Activities to:

• Improve student understanding of the place value system with Place Value Hopscotch, Place Value Jumping Jacks, and Place Value Shuffle

• Build proficiency with skip counting using Macarena Math

• Teach synonyms & antonyms with the Synonym-Antonym Sidestep & The Jumping Game

• Improve student reading fluency with Reading Around the Room

• Increase student understanding of solids, liquids, and gases with States of Matter