In my previous ebooks for elementary teachers, I have shared specific aspects of my “Teach the Whole Child” philosophy that empowers kids to achieve academic excellence, build strong character, develop lasting work habits and social skills, and take charge of their health & wellness. In 10 Steps to Empowering Classroom Management, I bring it all together, combining my most effective, time-tested strategies and activities with my latest practical, innovative ideas. 

Rather than focus on getting students to comply with rules through the use of extrinsic rewards and punishments, I describe a more progressive, more expansive view of classroom management that is rooted in intrinsic motivation and designed to create a learning environment in which children work hard, work together, and work with enthusiasm and purpose.

Written for both new and experienced educators, this book represents a culmination point in my 24-year career and contains a wealth of information that will help teachers:

• establish a strong sense of purpose in their classrooms so that children find meaning in their work, experience joy, invest their hearts and minds in the class mission, and understand the many reasons why pursuing an education matters so much for their futures 
• implement practices that satisfy children’s most important needs
• develop long-term habits of mind and habits of character
• build collaborative, trusting relationships with students and parents
• seek opportunities to engage, inspire, and bring out the best in students using symbols, rituals, visuals, and other techniques that resonate with children
• establish the routines, procedures, and expectations necessary to create a classroom environment in which students consistently behave well and produce quality work
• create a positive, team-oriented culture while also recognizing the uniqueness and special qualities of the individuals who comprise it
• incorporate meaningful goal setting, reflection, and self-evaluation into their classroom practice to enable children to improve their work and behavior
• understand the problems associated with the use of extrinsic motivation
• discover how to nurture the intrinsic motivation to learn and grow that all children possess

The book contains a link to a free PDF with 82 printable sheets that teachers can use in their classrooms.