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PDF Printables for Habits that Empower Students Featured

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Click here to download the PDF with all the printables for 22 Habits that Empower Students.

The PDF includes the following items:

• Habits of Mind

• Habits of Mind Signs

• Habits of Mind Slides

• Habits of Character

• Habits of Character Signs

• Habits of Character Slides

• Habits of Character & Habits of Mind Rubric

• Sample Habits of Character Self-evaluation Sheets

• Newsletter Introducing Student-led Conferences

• What Should Be In My Portfolio? (2 versions)

• Student-led Conference Outline

• Post-Conference Reflections

• Family Reflections

• Student-led Conference Introduction Sheet: Habits of Mind and Habits of Character

• Student-led Conference Portfolio Options

• Student-led Conference Reflection Sheet

• Sample Quotes with Talking Points

• A Picture of the Front Wall of My Classroom