Wednesday, 29 August 2012 17:45

Teaching Kids About Odd & Even Numbers (Teaching Tip #78)

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In this Teaching Tip video I share a short, engaging story that helps kids understand the difference between odd and even numbers. The story features a boy named Steven who wants to play handball at the doubles court on the playground. Steven always seems to find himself the odd person out (literally) until he recruits a new friend to be his partner. The examples in the story bring real-life meaning to the terms odd and even. In addition, parents and teachers will appreciate Steven's kind, inclusive behavior.

A few weeks ago I officially re-launched my YouTube page as the “Teaching Kids” channel and posted my first new video of the school year. Each of my new “Teaching Kids” videos will feature 1-2 minute tips for educators and parents and will address a wide variety of topics that focus on teaching the whole child, including academics, character, and health.

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