Sunday, 04 November 2012 17:45

Teaching Kids How to Organize Their School Papers (Teaching Tip #94)

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In this Teaching Tip I provide a link to a short YouTube video I created. At the beginning of each school year, I make a concerted effort to help students become more organized with their papers, folders, and backpacks. As parents and teachers, sometimes we just assume that kids already know how to organize their materials, and they may not. So, it’s important that we model, practice, and hold children accountable for this aspect of their learning. The video features some ways in which I accomplish this task each fall. Give these ideas a try in class with your students or at home with your children.

A few months ago I officially re-launched my YouTube page as the “Teaching Kids” channel and posted my first new video of the school year entitled "Teaching Kids How to Get Back into 'School Mode.' " Each of my new “Teaching Kids” videos will feature 1-2 minute tips for educators and parents and will address a wide variety of topics that focus on teaching the whole child, including academics, character, and health.

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