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Learning How to Learn (Acronyms & Acrostics)

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Two Brand New "Learning How to Learn" Strategies:

This week my new video series features the fourth and fifth independent learning strategies I shared during my “Learning How to Learn” Workshop: acronyms and acrostics. These mnemonic devices help students effectively learn discrete pieces of information. I hosted the workshop for my students and their families on October 26, 2011. About two-thirds of my students attended this hour-long, after-school workshop, and I followed up with the families of the remaining children at a later time. Though I try to create rich, authentic, contextual learning experiences for my students on a daily basis, there are still times when they need to learn how to study and remember discrete pieces of information independently, especially as they progress through the upper elementary grades and into middle school and high school.

  Helping children develop a strong repertoire of reliable “brain-friendly” learning strategies was the focus of this workshop. Over the next several weeks I will present the remaining strategies. I hope you find this information helpful, and I welcome your questions and comments.

Click here to watch the videos.

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