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PDF Copy of The Ultimate Mystery Writing Guide for Kids Featured

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Note: Due to a recent technical problem I have been having involving the downloading of the free 8.5 by 11" PDF copy of The Ultimate Mystery Writing Guide for Kids, I will now be sending out copies via e-mail. I am working to have this issue resolved, and I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Simply contact me via this site, and I will send you the PDF right away.

With the PDF copy of the guide, you will be able to complete the lessons on the lines and pages I provide. Plus, you may prefer the page layout of the PDF to that of the e-book. Of course, you can also use your own writing notebook or individual sheets of lined paper to write your mystery.

If you choose to complete the lessons in a writing notebook or on your own paper, you will still need to print out (or at least be able to look at) the following sheets in the PDF:

• The “Three-Dimensional Bone Structure” sheets on pp. 18,19
• The “Mystery Writing Planning Chart” on page 25 and page 29
• The “Story Mountains” on pp. 42,43
• The “Chapter Plan Template” on pp. 46,47
• The “Four-Color Editing Checklist” on page 51
• The “Mystery Writing Reflection Questions” on page 54