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Eight Essentials for Empowered Teaching and Learning

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Since 1996 Steve has taught his Eight Essentials to local educators through a UCLA Extension course entitled “The Eight Keys to Classroom Quality.” Recently, the course underwent a format change and is now available exclusively as an online class. This workshop is available in a variety of time formats, ranging from hour-long conference sessions to multiple-day course offerings.

UCLA Extension Course Description

The Eight Keys to Classroom Quality comprise a comprehensive approach to organizing and managing classrooms at any level. Come discover the promise these principles hold for improving the effectiveness of your teaching. Help your students develop positive habits and take greater responsibility for their own learning. Establish high expectations for your class while still preserving student enjoyment and love of learning. Bring out the best in your students by establishing an environment of trust, respect, and cooperation. Learn strategies for increasing students’ self-esteem, confidence, and intrinsic motivation. Empower your students by involving them in group problem solving and in the process of continuously improving your daily classroom life. Examine the connections that exist between these ideas and such current topics as differentiated instruction, multiple intelligences, parental involvement, and authentic assessment.

Endorsement Statements for the Course

  • “This class has great success.” -Mervat Fam, Program Representative for UCLA Extension

Feedback from Previous Students

  • “This has been the best class that I have taken while at UCLA Extension. Excellent!”

  • “After completing 45 units in Education over the past year I can say beyond question that this class, as well as the instructor was the best. I learned information that is truly applicable to my everyday life, both personally and professionally.

  • "Steve Reifman is an exceptional instructor. He clearly strives to be an outstanding educator in his elementary classroom and he sets a high standard for us as educators to follow. He should be proud of his continued efforts to improve his own teaching styles and know that his efforts are helping to change the lives of children and educators all over the city.”

  • “I have not come across someone who values students as much as Steve does.”

  • “Steve was fantastic! This class was highly informative, interesting, and motivational. He is a great presenter and welcomed class participation and contributions. Well done!”

  • “The class was very fulfilling, organized and professional. I appreciate your effort and enthusiasm. Thanks.”

  • “Great course! Thank you for teaching such a valuable class to educators.”

  • “What an outstanding course! I’m thrilled to implement ideas from this course into my own classroom! Mr. Reifman was quite professional and consistently positive. He’s a great role model for all teachers!”

  • “I was impressed with the course and the instructor. The information was very valuable.”

  • “This is the best course I’ve taken. All teachers should be a part of this course. We would solve a lot of problems in education if we began implementing the philosophies of this course.”

  • “Steve was so knowledgeable and very thoughtful about his subject. It was clearly a subject dear to his heart. He was genuine in his commitment to students and to bettering the educational process.”

  • “His experience, especially research, is very extensive. He was able to support his theories fully.”

  • “I will recommend Mr. Reifman to my colleagues.”

  • “Should be required for all teachers.”

  • “He set a very good example for the kind of teacher I’d like to be.”

  • “You come out inspired.”

  • “Great class. Mr. Reifman is a very dedicated teacher. He gives me hope for the future.”
• Course Text: Eight Essentials for Empowered Teaching and Learning, K-8: Bringing Out the Best in Your Students (2008, Corwin Press, Thousand Oaks, CA.)


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