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Steve has also pursued a variety of other projects throughout his career. This section features four of them.
The Tower of Opportunity
The Tower of Opportunity is a four-sided structure that helps students find greater meaning in their schoolwork and better understand how daily learning activities connect to the higher purposes we teachers try to promote in our classrooms. Each of the Tower's seven floors features one of the life roles Dale Parnell defines in his marvelous book Why Do I Have to Learn This?

The 7 Life Roles are:

  • Citizen
  • Consumer
  • Family Member & Friend
  • Individual
  • Leisure Participant
  • Lifelong Learner
  • Producer (Worker)
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"Quote of the Day"
Steve's latest project stems from the "Quote of the Day" discussions that he has used successfully in recent as part of his classroom's morning routine. This book features 122 inspirational quotes that parents and teachers can discuss with children 8-12 years of age in order to build character and improve the overall classroom or home environment. Along with each quote, Steve provides "talking points that readers can use or reference in these discussions.

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"The Joys of Teaching the Upper Elementary Grades"
Steve was asked to contribute an article to Phi Delta Kappan: The Journal for Education for the February, 2009 edition.

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Fantasy Football Article: Six Factors to Consider Before Making Your Pick
Steve’s passion for Fantasy Football inspired him to write an article in the summer of 2009 detailing an approach that fellow enthusiasts can use to select the best players possible in their annual drafts.

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