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The Sequels

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Chase Manning Mystery Series: The Sequels

After 5th grader Chase Manning puts it all on the line to save Apple Valley’s award-winning music program in Chase Against Time, life begins to slow down a bit - for a while.  Several weeks later he’s pressed into action once again in Chase For Home when the boy discovers his lucky batting glove has been stolen the morning of his team’s big playoff baseball game.  A few weeks after that in Chase Under Pressure, Manning must locate Dash, the school’s racing hamster, after the speedster mysteriously disappears on the day of the state competition.  In these sequels readers can expect the same single-day, real-time excitement and suspense they first encountered in Chase Against Time, along with some new characters and plenty of twists and turns around every corner.

Chase For Home Synopsis
Riding high in the Spring of his 5th grade year, Chase Manning joins the Apple Valley baseball team, and his clutch hitting leads the squad to within two victories of the school’s first ever league championship.  Confidence is high - until Chase’s lucky batting glove turns up missing the day of the semifinal game.  Unsure whether the theft represents an attempt to derail the baseball team as a whole or a personal attack against him, Chase must track down the culprit and find the glove before the team boards the bus at 3 o’clock.  Surprising and suspense-filled plot twists fill the pages of this single-day, real-time mystery thriller. 

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Chase Under Pressure Synopsis

With huge prizes on the line at the state hamster competition, the Apple Valley Elementary science club has been working overtime to prepare for the big race.  Dash, the school’s little speedster, is in the best shape of her life, and confidence is high - until the hamster turns up missing the morning of the event.  5th grader Chase Manning must overcome an unsupportive principal, the visiting members of a rival school, and even his own teammates to identify the thief and find Dash before the competition begins right after school.  Expect the unexpected on the pages of this single-day, real-time mystery thriller.