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Book Recommendations

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Book Recommendations

 I am an enthusiastic reader of teacher resource books. As a book reviewer for Corwin Press and a teacher who is genuinely interested in learning all I can about my craft, I have read dozens and dozens of titles in the areas of classroom management, brain-based learning, curriculum, instruction, and a whole host of others. My book recommendations are designed to help busy teachers find the resources they need.

Recommendation List #1:

Steve’s Top Ten Favorite Teacher Resource Books

  1. The Quality School by William Glasser
  2. Punished by Rewards by Alfie Kohn
  3. Why Do I Have to Learn This? by Dale Parnell
  4. Horace’s Hope by Theodore Sizer
  5. The Disciplined Mind by Howard Gardner
  6. Improving Student Learning by Lee Jenkins
  7. Schools that Work by George Wood
  8. Results Now by Mike Schmoker
  9. Teaching with Visual Frameworks by Christine Allen Ewy
  10. Choose to Learn by Russell Oglethorpe and Lolly Oglethorpe
  11. (Other Lists will be Added in Time)