Sunday, 03 February 2013 17:45

Teaching Kids Three Different Kinds of Angles (Teaching Tip #103)

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In this Teaching Tip I provide a link to a short YouTube video I created. The video features hand gestures that help children learn the meaning of three different kinds of angles: right, acute, and obtuse. Accompanying each movement is a clever phrase that further assists students. I learned these gestures and corresponding hand movements from presenter extraordinaire Jean Blaydes several years ago at the Elementary Physical Education Workshop I attend each year at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Try these ideas in class with your students or at home with your children.
Several months ago I officially re-launched my YouTube page as the “Teaching Kids” channel and posted my first new video of the school year entitled "Teaching Kids How to Get Back into 'School Mode.' " Each of my “Teaching Kids” videos features 1-2 minute tips for educators and parents and addresses a wide variety of topics that focus on teaching the whole child, including academics, character, and health.

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