Sunday, 03 March 2013 17:45

Teaching Kids About Perimeter ("The Story of Peri Meter") (Teaching Tip #104)

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This coming fall my new book Rock Your Students’ World is scheduled to be released. The book includes over 100 classroom-tested ideas, activities, and strategies that incorporate music, movement, and storytelling to improve student learning. In this Teaching Tip I provide a link to a short YouTube video I created. The video features one of the book’s engaging stories, “The Story of Peri Meter.” The unique personality of young Peri Meter helps children understand and remember the concept of perimeter. Try sharing this story in class with your students or at home with your children.
Last summer I officially re-launched my YouTube page as the “Teaching Kids” channel and posted my first new video of the school year entitled "Teaching Kids How to Get Back into 'School Mode.' " Each of my “Teaching Kids” videos features 1-2 minute tips for educators and parents and addresses a wide variety of topics that focus on teaching the whole child, including academics, character, and health.

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